Don’t have time to write your book?

Then write your e-book instead.

  1. An E-book will get you clients and build your community quickly.
  2. An E-book of 10-50 pages can easily be written in 30 days or less.
  3. An E-book is a great way to preview and test the appeal of your topic.

E-books are hot. Service businesses of every type and size—consultants, coaches, holistic professionals—use e-books as a key marketing strategy. Why? A well-targeted e-book can turn a sluggish practice into a bustling one overnight. Open the door to a longed-for speaking gig. Land you a guest spot on the top industry blog that reaches thousands of your ideal clients. Get you recognized as an expert in your field. Launch your e-course. And yes, like it did for one of my clients, lead to a book contract.

Because of their high impact and easy accessibility, it’s not hard to see why PDF e-books (10-50 pages) are touted as the ultimate marketing tool. Easily updated, an e-book can be used over and over again as a gift or incentive to a new client or audience. It’s always fresh.

ebookDo you have the goods?

People want to work with experts, learn from experts and be guided by experts. Think about it. Whether you need to get your car serviced, your body massaged, or support to get through a painful divorce, you’re not too interested in wasting your time and money on mediocre service.

So if you’re an expert your field, if you have got the goods, an e-book is a great strategy to get the word out–and a jumpstart on building your author platform.


1. An E-book creates a bond.

Let’s say I’m looking for a way to lose the 10 pounds I gained over the holiday (yet again) and I land on a nutritionist’s web site. Front and center is an e-book cover arrayed with all my favorite high-calorie foods, and the title: “3 Reasons Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat: They Myth of the Low-Fat Diet.”

I’m in. I type in my first name and email. (If you ask for more information, studies show your sign-ups drop considerably, by as much as 80% fewer.) It’s a double opt-in, as it should be, which means I have to wait for the email, confirm my request by clicking a link, and then wait for a link to get me to the e-book.

This is an important process because it creates a bond between you and your reader. Why? Beyond just giving their email address, your reader commits time to getting their hands on your e-book with the intention of investing even more time to read it.

2. E-books are read and valued.

Now that I’ve claimed my prize, I’m eager to satisfy my curiosity and get my hands on some information and guidance that will help me solve my problem. I open the PDF or it opens automatically depending on how your computer or device is set up. I read the Introduction. Then I go straight to the Table of Contents. (Even a short e-book should have a TOC. After the title, this is the most important part of your e-book.)

If I’m really engaged, I may read a few pages right then. Depending on how long the e-book is, I might print it out for later. I often do this with e-books I want to give serious consideration to.

What’s happening here is ownership. This e-book has become mine—it exists apart from the web or the email. I can save, print and share it if I want.

Here’s another thing. People engage with an e-book on a whole other level than website copy, email or newsletter copy. Readers expect more in-depth content and are generally prepared to take some time to absorb it.

3. An E-book can get you clients.

When I finish reading the e-book about the myth of the low fat diet, I see the offer of a free nutritional assessment, along with a 30-minute complementary consultation. I decide to take it. Now, why is this free offer made in the e-book more effective than one made on the home page of a website?

Because I’ve already learned a lot about the practitioner or consultant through the e-book. I’m familiar with her expertise and approach. I relate to the case studies. I feel like she really understands my problem and I have acquired some confidence in her ability to help me. From there, it’s a short step to making contact.

What makes a great e-book?

A great e-book stops you in your tracks. It’s tantalizing. You can’t say no to it. Why? Because the title speaks directly to your urgent need of the moment. It’s not something you have to think about. Your response is immediate. That’s the kind of e-book you want to write.

Want to learn how easy it is to create an e-book like that?

Articles and guidelines abound that tell you the mistakes to avoid and what to include in your e-book, but they don’t tell you how to do it. If you’re interested in finding out more about the easy-to-follow system I’ve developed after years working as a manuscript editor, send me an email and tell me a little about your expertise and what you want an e-book to accomplish for you.


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