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Why Weight Loss Isn’t about Weight

Are you ready to release the 20, 50 or 100 pounds you’re sick and tired of carrying around?

Cynthia Copple, nationally recognized Ayurvedic Master, has helped thousands lose weight. Learn and apply the 5,000 year old secrets of Ayurveda and become the happy, vital self you remember.  https://cynthiacopple.leadpages.net/free-weight-loss-ebook/

E-book: Why Motivation is Not Your Teen’s Problem

Kimberly Schehrer took my E-book Course and with my editorial support she created an e-book that established her authority in her field and helped her get the kind of clients she was looking for.  http://academyforindependence.com/free-teen-ebook/

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance

When you’re considering a decision as important as protecting your mission, you want to choose an insurance company that understands your unique needs as a nonprofit. We serve only nonprofits and we’ve been doing it successfully for 25 years. The Enhanced Liability Protection enjoyed by our 15,000+ members in 32 states is designed exclusively to meet the coverage needs of 501(c)(3) nonprofits. https://insurancefornonprofits.org/

The Murphy Family Foundation

The Murphy Family Foundation supports children with disabilities in becoming fulfilled and contributing members of society through programs of Health and Education. They seek out innovative, entrepreneurial partners and projects that can deliver high impact results. http://themurphyfamilyfoundation.org/

DNA Nutrition
  • Are the vitamins you’re taking supporting your unique nutritional needs?
  • What if you could look into your DNA and know exactly which nutrients your body needs to maintain optimum health?
  • Now with a simple cheek swab, you can. 
Profile: Char Johanson

There are people in every industry who rise to the top – both as stellar performers and as deeply caring, heart-centered human beings. Charlene Johanson, Mortgage Consultant, is one of them. What her clients appreciate—and consistently rave about in the 5-star reviews she receives—is how supportive she is throughout the maze of the loan process, communicating every step of the way.  http://www.rpm-mtg.com/Agent/Char_Johanson

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