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The HealBone – A Breakthrough in Prevention and Cure
  • 2.5 million treated annually for pressure ulcers with 60,000 patient deaths
  • $11 billion dollars, recent annual cost for pressure ulcer related treatment
  • Average charge to Medicare was $43,180 per patient per hospital stay
  • Highest at-risk group for developing pressure sores: elderly and immobile

The HealBone is a pressure relief cushion developed by a nurse working in acute care. The HealBone’s unique features combine to achieve zero pressure while providing comfort to the patient, ease for the caregiver, and cost savings for all.

Article: The Rich, Moist, Perfectly-textured Chocolate Cake That Is Actually Good For You!

You know sugar is bad for you. And you want to stop—or at least drastically reduce your sugar intake. Sugar depresses your immune system. Taxes the adrenals. Leeches vitamins and minerals out of the good food you eat. Contributes to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, even depression. But let’s face it. It’s hard. But now there’s xylitol.

Success Strategies For Massage Therapists

Editor for author’s manuscript which is part of a courseware package for Massage Therapists. This E-book provides an overview of client care management skills that support highly successful massage practices. Revised text for clarity, readability and correct grammar, based on standards defined by the Chicago Style Guide, 16th edition and the American Heritage Edition, 4th edition.

If it hurts, is it an emergency?

It’s 2pm Sunday. Craig woke up yesterday with a sore throat. And it’s gotten worse, not better. Now he has a fever. What should you do? Come to EMERGECARE. Our highly trained emergency and family-practice physicians give you personal attention within minutes of your arrival. We specialize in treating your everyday health problems—non-life threatening injuries and illnesses that need immediate attention. The way we look at it—when you hurt, you shouldn’t have to wait.

Trust the Clinically Proven Products of Nature’s Way

Uncompromised quality at affordable prices—because your health matters! There are some things in life not worth compromising, your health and that of your family. And with our No-compromise Guarantee, you don’t have to. Every product that bears the green Nature’s Way leaf exceeds the most rigorous quality standard and testing procedures in the natural products industry. [expired]