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Why Weight Loss Isn’t about Weight

Are you ready to release the 20, 50 or 100 pounds you’re sick and tired of carrying around?

Cynthia Copple, nationally recognized Ayurvedic Master, has helped thousands lose weight. Learn and apply the 5,000 year old secrets of Ayurveda and become the happy, vital self you remember.

DNA Nutrition
  • Are the vitamins you’re taking supporting your unique nutritional needs?
  • What if you could look into your DNA and know exactly which nutrients your body needs to maintain optimum health?
  • Now with a simple cheek swab, you can. 
Website: Pacific Nutrition

There are a lot of reasons why people find it difficult to change dietary patterns, even when their health depends on it.

People are often stopped by a fear of failure. And even when they feel ready to make a change—it can be a confusing and overwhelming task to sort through the overload of conflicting nutritional information.

E-book: The Autoimmune Solution

By Cynthia Quattro, P.A., L.Ac., DAOM

Autoimmune disease is a medical mystery. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 23 million people suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. Its devastating effects can be long lasting and impact multiple organ systems. In reality, even patients who have seen some of the “best doctors” for their condition, in the end, are often prescribed one medication called prednisone, a steroid, as a last resort, for an indefinite period of time.

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Saving wrists since 1991
For over 20 years our customers have gotten relief and protection from wrist pain, CTS, and RSI. We invented the computer glove, we patented it, and it’s still the best on the market for pain relief, ease of use, comfort and protection. It looks great too!

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At work and at play Rebound delivers
The most important aspect of your life is your energy. Without it, your ability to embrace both life’s challenges and pleasures gets compromised. And because you go for what you want, because you live life at its peak—and then some—you sometimes need a little help.