Creative Arts

Devi’s Signature Portraits capture the heart

Devi Pride takes great pictures. In fact, her award-winning images are stunning in their pure artistry. What makes her work stand out? Like most accomplished photographers, she composes well and has a good sense of timing. She knows her equipment and is skilled in using angle and lighting to enhance her subject. But she does something more. Devi Pride is going for your essence.

LibraNova welcomes all readers who enter here.

What will you find? If you’re looking for fresh choices in book club fiction, Libra Nova offers high‐quality fiction designed for intelligent female readers. Here you’ll find stories rendered from the depths of a woman’s life experience. Books that transport you into both exotic worlds and familiar ones. Stories you’re ready to love. Deeper, more thoughtful stories often overlooked by traditional publishers.

Leaping Clear Magazine

Editorial and marketing consulting with editor of this new literary and creative arts journal scheduled to launch in early 2014.      “Leaping Clear provides a vibrant web platform for the art and literature of artists whose work is informed by meditative insight and awareness. The site welcomes emerging artists, established artists, and new voices and visions. We’re happy to include writers and artists working in all styles and forms.”