What’s in a tagline?

The purpose of a tagline is to convey a point of view, a philosophy that underlies your business. A tagline is not a statement of your value proposition but it should embody it.

Consider this one:  “Sourcing the wisdom of your body.”

This tag belongs to the healthcare practice of Dr. Katie Briggs, called Resonation Acupuncture, located in Santa Cruz, California. The simple phrase conveys important information and very effectively. First, that you have access to healing. Second, that it is within you, not something external. Healing doesn’t come from outside. By implication, the health practitioner regards herself as a facilitator, a catalyst who assists you in connecting with that inner resource.

There’s a reassuring feeling here of relaxation, of opening to something that is already there. We just need to get access in order to connect with it. The tag also tells us that the healthcare provider views the patient/provider relationship as one between equals. The practitioner does not presume to have the power or exclusive access to the knowledge and skill to cure the patient.That’s a lot of information in seven words.

Consider another aspect of its effectiveness: the language. The phrase rolls easily off the tongue; only two words have more than one syllable. It also has a nice rhythm. There are no hard-edged sounds to it. The same meaning could be conveyed with: Connect with the wisdom of your body. Why is that not as good? Connect is hard edged, has an exterior feeling to it. The word source has an interior sound; it draws you in, like an in-breath.

Another great tagline belongs to a nonprofit insurance company, The Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Group I do work for. (Disclosure: I didn’t write the tag; the president did). Their slogan:  A Head for Insurance, A Heart for Nonprofits. Again, there’s an effective story being told here. We’re experts. You can rely on our insurance expertise and we care about your nonprofit mission. Message: you’ll get more than an insurance policy from us. Neither of these tags are lazy clichés; they are fresh and original, and unique to their specific business.

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