Why you should stop targeting your market…really

You’ve heard it before. It’s the typical way that marketers and content developers advise their clients.

Target your market.

I don’t talk about target markets. Target markets aren’t important; people are. A person isn’t a target and a person isn’t a market.

Intrigued? Keep reading. 

content developmentBecause what I’m going to tell you can turn the 80 people who land on your website into actual customers instead of bounce rate statistics. 

The conventional approach is to do target marketing’ by demographics: age, gender, age, education, job, marital status, etc. It’s not that these factors aren’t relevant; it’s just that you can’t really relate to a ‘demographic target.’  You have to talk to a person.

Because Job No. 1 is to reach a real, specific person who has a genuine need for what you provide, who will become a beloved customer and maybe even an evangelist.

That’s what content development is all about!

Ready to get to work?


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