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“Sally has edited a number of projects for me, and I appreciate her professional but very personable communication style. She is a perceptive editor who digs beneath the surface. Her thoughtful suggestions about content, voice and flow were instrumental in my publication process.”
Hillary Easom, Writer, Hillary Easom

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“Meet Sally Wolfe, editorial consultant and book coach. She is incredibly insightful and refreshing to work with, she’s an author herself and loves working with authors as they craft their vision. She will be working with me on book #4 as soon as I nail this one.”
Ann TardyWhy Mentoring Matters, Lifemoxie

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“I started working with Sally on my book proposal and found her so helpful that I continued to work with her as I wrote the book.  I appreciate her enthusiasm and sharp intelligence and eye on the reader. She is an excellent editor, good with structure as well as transitions, re-writing, knowing what works and what does not work. Sally has a wonderfully soft yet penetrating communication style that is empowering. She encouraged me to trust myself whenever I had doubts.  She showed me the importance of focus and a strong structure that appeals both emotionally and logically.”
Cynthia Copple, Know Your Blueprint, forthcoming

Tracey ebook cover small“The editorial feedback she gave me for my recent e-book was both artful and insightful; she has a knack for seeing beyond the surface matter and probing your words to get to the meat of them. She asked the right questions and red-flagged the weaknesses in my text with precision. The final result is an end product that I can be truly proud of. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.”
T.O. Weller, Make Friends and Find Your People, Never Too Late To Write

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In One America, Gilliam shares his experiences as a young black child growing up in the segregated South in the 1950s, a time when racism was overt and pervasive. His story takes a turn when his education at a New England prep school and then Yale University as a young teenager led to a compelling change in his perspective.
Art Gilliam, One America, Nashville Human Rights


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“Do you want the secret to your child’s success in school and beyond? Rod Baird, veteran high school teacher, tells us the truth of it in Counterfeit Kids, but the truth may be hard to swallow. Swallow it you must if you want your high schooler to succeed in the complex 21st century. With courage and vision, Baird trumpets the obvious reality that the emperor wears no clothes; he unmasks the cult of college, its disastrous effects on core skills.”
Lisa Dale Norton, Author, Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills



“Thank you so much, Sally, for all your hard work on this—you were crucial to the process of this book! You’re a fantastic editor and I’m so grateful!”
Stacy Wakefield, The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory, Kirkus Reviews




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“I’m a doctor and need professional help with critical, creative editing for books and course materials I developed. Sally’s work is clear, clean and precise – she edits  my material, getting inside my mind and messages and merges them perfectly. I continue working with her!”
Dr. Michael Koplen, Doctor of Chiropractic, How to Professionally Refer Clients: For Massage Therapists


bread and chocolate cover2“Before working with Sally on my e-book, I had no idea what the process of creating an e-book was. Sally recommended I select excerpts from my forthcoming book, Kissed by Fire, and helped me decide. She was really attuned to the book’s message and her expertise enhanced it greatly. She understood my concerns and goals, and with her capable hands brought forth the best. I highly recommend her services!”
Dr. Nicola Amadora, PhD., Psychologist, Leadership & Relationship Educator  www.nicolaamadora.com

Content Development

“As a small business owner (and life coach) I have spent quite some time getting clear about my message. I still hadn’t quite found ‘it’ when I  met Sally. She used powerful questions to quickly take me to the essence of  what I do and why. I have taken quite a few business building classes and seminars that never gave me as much clarity as a simple exercise that Sally invited me to do.”
Janette Valentino, Valentino Coaching

“Sally Blodgett-Wolfe produced a marketing brochure for our cancer facility.  In addition to her obvious marketing skills, we really appreciated her ability to interact with staff and patients so as not to interfere with the normal operations of our clinic.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Steven G. Mann, M.D., Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology Medical Group

“I am elated and more than satisfied with Sally’s brilliant revision of my newly launched website–simple, yet powerful.”
Tana Lee Tolson, Owner, www.mousemitt.com

“Sally stands out as one of the most genuine, unique and creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. She is a great team player who brings excellence and positive energy to everything she does.”
Mike Rigoli, Web Developer. www.google.com

“Sally and I have partnered on several client projects and she has been a delight to work with. She brings a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail, combined with unending patience and a knack for creative problem solving when unexpected issues arise. I know that I can count on her to deliver quality, and look forward to future collaborations.”
Sara Smith, Web Developer, sapientdesign.com

“I have worked closely with Sally for 10 years, through three successful startup companies.  When I brought her on board to lead the marketing charge for Nielsen//NetRatings, it was for two reasons.  First, she is equally strategic and tactical. Second, she stays focused on the endgame of all marketing: sales.”
Tim Meadows, Executive VP, Nielsen NetRatings

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