An e-book can help people find their healing path to you

Consider the e-book as a container of energy—specifically your wisdom energy.

e-book-container-of-wisdomThat energy is also your brand, deeply stamped within you—not from the outside, but from the inside.  It has the power to touch and move people.  An e-book, as a vehicle, holds the stamp and conveys the energetic quality of your medicine, your approach, or your unique method.

How does this power get conveyed?

From your clear intention, manifesting through the rhythm and the pattern created by the words.

Think of a boat gliding down the river. If the river is flowing, you don’t notice. You’re just being carried. But if something blocks its flow, suddenly you’re stopped.  If it’s a few seconds or even a minute or two, you don’t mind. But if it goes on, you begin to get agitated. You want to move.

Words are like the river.

If they are doing the job that words can do well, they are not noticed—they are transparent, they are carrying you effortlessly along to your destination.

There are a LOT of words out there, millions of home pages, e-books, blogs, podcasts, and people talking fast on videos. Clichés, phrases and promises heard so many times they don’t make an impact anymore.

This is why marketing experts are always telling you to stand out, be different and memorable. But what does that mean?  It doesn’t mean following a brand formula. It doesn’t mean creating the perfect 25-word pitch. And it doesn’t mean adopting the latest signup gimmick. These tools can be useful, but only if they flow from and carry your genuine energy.  Don’t allow them to be empty vessels.

So how will your e-book make an impact?

By the way, go ahead and choose any other medium to substitute for e-book—a webinar, blog, presentation, even a book. I happen to have a fascination with and fondness for e-books as neat, compact vehicles. I see them as little rockets or seeds that get sent off on their mission to inspire and motivate, to bring people to the place where they feel ready to act.

question-to-ask-e-bookThe power of calling forth

Of primary importance is a clear intention that comes from the core—YOUR CORE—where the energy is. That intention is already there. You just have to connect with it. How are you going to do that? You know how to do that for your clients – but who’s going to do it for you?

You have to prime the well, get the flow going.  Call it forth. Give it the power of a name and call it forth. We all respond when called by our names. Shamanistic marketing?  Sorta.

The power of calling forth works because in calling you’re already trusting that it already exists.  Otherwise you can’t call it. (The reverse works as well.) It’s the way we heal and grow into our potential. The blueprint, the possibility, the capacity—it’s all there waiting to unfold. We don’t’ create it; we allow it. We open to receive it from our depth, from the level of soul. We call it forth.

So what are the key principles, insights, and methods of your work—and the core from which they flow? Whatever your holistic profession–health and wellness practitioner, yoga teacher, coach, therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath, nutritionist—you have a unique way of approaching the mystery of healing and human development. It is effective because it is YOU, embodies your gifts and no one else’s.

There are two ways to connect to this wisdom consciously, through self-inquiry or through the guidance of someone who can facilitate the process, but the question to ask is the same.

What is my wisdom?

The thing about wisdom: she lives in both worlds – as emanation and practical knowledge.

I developed my wisdom from years of interviewing hardware and software engineers and coming up with names for their new products.  Then I wrote the brochures, websites, speeches, and press releases to send them out into the world. The challenge (and it was a huge challenge for me because I had zero tech background) was to get down to the essence and translate it into language that non-technical people could understand and relate to—and even get excited about.

From that experience, I developed the ability to create a high-impact blueprint for any subject and later took it into other fields–medical devices, healthcare, biotechnology, youth services, education, market research, and sustainability. Now I work in the area I am most passionate about: healing and human development.

Ready for an e-book?

If you’re thinking about using an e-book to send your wisdom out into the world, you might start by asking yourself these key questions:

  • What topic (and title) will have instant appeal to my ideal client?
  • How will I organize my material to have the most impact?
  • How will I decide what to include and what to leave out?

Want to learn more?

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  1. Jacob says:

    I really like the idea of a container of wisdom! I never thought of an e-book that way but it makes sense. Changes my view of what e-books can do. Thanks for your perspective.

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