Don’t hide the jewels!

Recently I met with a new client who wanted to hire me to re-do their home page content. I could see it needed help. From the logo and home page copy it wasn’t clear what the product was until I clicked on the product page: a nutritional evaluation service. I went through the rest of the website and signed up for the newsletter. I couldn’t find anything about benefits. It was obvious I was going to have to generate lot of new content from scratch.

jewels1But then something odd happened. The next day I got an email newsletter from the site that offered me a link to a 10-page pdf. I opened it and was astounded to find the gems: history, background, personal story, and impressive statistics about the nutritional evaluation product they were selling.

Unfortunately, the majority of visitors to the website would never see this gem. They were hiding the jewels.

Remember, the visitor to your website, your potential customer, is your guest. So bring out your best China. Put your gems, your treasure, the cool stuff about your product or service, the stuff that will charm and engage your visitor, on display!



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