Content Development

Healthcare, Fitness & Human Development Professionals


Create content that gets results

Make sure your content captures what
makes you unique

You have a few seconds to communicate what you’re about on your website, book jacket, or facebook page. To communicate that special quality you embody and express everyday with your clients and patients.

  • What quality emanates from your work?
  • What’s the hidden jewel that people most appreciate about their experience with you as a practitioner, coach, or fitness professional?
  • What’s the one thing about your approach, technique, or expertise that touches others, that brings unique benefits to your clients?

Uniqueness is wide-ranging. It extends to your style, your way of thinking, your values, your beliefs, your attitude, as well as your services and the specific modalities and techniques you employ.

Clarity, Credibility, and Call-to-Action

Unless you answer the following urgent questions in a matter of seconds, you may lose the opportunity to make a new client or follower.

    Am I in the right place? Is the content easy to understand? Do I know the products and services being offered? Are my problems and needs being specifically (and clearly) addressed?
    Does the business appear solid and trustworthy?
    Are the people behind this business experienced?
    Are the testimonials strong yet believable?
    Am I engaged and curious?
    Am I motivated by the content to learn more now, get a consultation or quote, or sign up for an opportunity to learn more?
    Do I know what the next step is?

How to Qualify Your Prospects

One of the most effective and direct ways to attract the prospects you want is through a series of qualifying questions that really get at the customer pain point.

Here’s an example of content questions I wrote for a medical nutritionist’s website:

Do you know you need to change your eating habits but feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you want to start a program of good nutrition and fitness but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you discouraged because of past failures?
  • Would you like to work with a compassionate, nonjudgmental professional whose approach is based on sound science?

People who need your services identify with the right questions and say to themselves: “Sounds like me” or “She understands my problem.” Chances are they will spend some time browsing through your content to learn more, and if they like what they learn, take the next step.

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